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Commercial FAQ

 Where can I buy one of your exhausts?
Arrow exhausts can be purchased only via our authorized dealers (search for your country's distributors and dealers in our website). That's the only way to buy our products. 

 What's the price for your exhausts?
You can ask for Arrow exhausts prices directly to our dealers. 

 What kind of products are available for my bike?
You can check on the website the product range on-line. Use the Brand/Model search tool to see what Arrow is making for your bike. 

 I  have an Arrow silencer yet, can I buy the header pipes?
You can buy Arrow products and components individually, but check on the product range if headers pipes are available for your bikes. 

 I need some spare parts. Can I buy those items?
A list of spare parts is available on the website: you can order available spare parts you need, ask for them to Arrow dealers. 

 I've lost the approval paperwork, how can I get a copy?
You can ask for a copy of the paperwork to your dealer or directly at info@arrow.it. Please be sure to indicate in the request the bike model and year of production and, most important, the approval number you find marked in the exhaust system. 

 How can I become an arrow dealer?
To start business with Arrow it is necessary to send an e-mail to info@arrow.it. Our local distributor will contact you. 

 Product warranty: whom do I have to ask to?
For warranty claims, please refer to the dealer. It will be his task to deal with us for warranty claims. 

 When do I have to change the glass fiber cartridge on my Arrow silencer?
Duration of the glass fiber cartridge depend on the bike and on the mileage. Speaking generally, when the cartridge is exhausted, noise levels start to raise up. On the silencer itself some areas with different surface colour may appear. In this case we suggest to renew the cartridge as soon as possible. 

 My bike is equipped with an exhaust valve (like the Ex-Up), do I have to remove it if I choose to fit the silencer alone?
Removal of the exhaust valve depends on its position on the OE exhaust. In some cases the valve has to be removed with the OE silencer, in other cases it has to be removed only when fremoving the whole OE system.


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