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Technical FAQ

 I need a copy of the approval paperwork for my Arrow exhaust. How can I get one?
You can simply send an e-mail to To let us identify correctly the exhaust, you have to indicate the bike/scooter model and year of production and the approval number marked on the silencer (-s) which is strictly necessary to be sure to send to you the correct paperwork. If possible, you can also specify the product code (it is written also in the exhausts' package). 

 How can I check if an Arrow exhaust has been approved for street use when fitted to my bike/scooter?
To check if an Arrow exhaust is street legal when fitted to a bike/scooter it is simply necessary to compare the vehicle type shown in the bike's documents with the list shown both in the Arrow product range and in website's single products pages.
I am going to buy an used Arrow exhaust, but they cannot tell me it this exhaust is street legal.
Arrow street legal exhausts are identified via an approval number marked on the rear endcap or on the silencer canister. Moreover, all Arrow street legal systems come with a copy of the approval paperwork. 

 What does the dB-killer is needed for?
dB-killer (used on most of Arrow street legal exhausts) is used to reduce power and noise levels in a way to meet European requirements (fixed by European Directive 97/24/EC and its modifications). On amny Arrow silencers the dB-killer can be removed to be able to use the exhaust in “full power” mode on racetracks. WARNING: if the dB-killer is removed, the exhausts is no longer matching the requirements stated fot power and noise levels, therefore it canot be used on public roads. 

 I am willing to buy an Arrow exhaust for my bike, where can I find some technical informations?
On website technical sheets are available, relating to all Arrow exhausts and listed depending on the bike model. The website is being updated periodically: if you cannot manage to find the informations you need, you can also send an e-mail to specifying bike model and year of production, to get more detailed informations.

 I am going to change the original exhaust of my bike. What can Arrow suggest to me?
Arrow's product range is so wide that we're sure you'll be able to fing the solution for your needs. Choice among Arrow exhausts is made depending on the bike use (a bike which is going to be used on racetracks will need something different from what is going to be used on a daily-used bike), on aesthetics and on price. Arrow proposes different choices, matching all needs: in the products section you will find a complete description of every kind of Arrow exhaust available.

 I fitted and Arrow exhaust to my bike. It is necessary to re-jet the bike or to make some modifications on the EFI settings?
During development phase of an Arrow exhaust, we perform several tests to check funtioning and performances of the exhaust. All of these tests are made on a standard bike, without any modifications apart the substitution of the exhaust. All the tests, both on the test bench (performances checks) and on the street (noise levels measurements) are made using a standard bike, with no interventions on the EFI settings. The only case where it is strictly necessary to make modifications on the engine and EFI are the Competition exhausts, developed to eb used on bikes tuned-up for racetracks.

 The original exhaust of my bike comes with an exhaust valve. What does it happens if I am going to fit an Arrow exhaust?
Many times the exhaust valve has to be removed together with the original exhaust. In the fitting instructions given with every Arrow exhaust you will find what to do in these cases.


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